Conventional Drive

Conventional drives are known and proven a thousand times. Besides direct drives, conventional drives like worm drives and bevel gear drives are still a solid solution for certain cases of application. Worm drives deliver a high level of torque and are self-locking. Therefore they offer additional security when used as A-Axis.

In case worm drives shall be used, we usually utilize highly accurate screw drives with adjustable clearance (Duplexx worm).

FTW has a wealth of experience in the application of conventional drive concepts, be it worm or taper drives or even cam controls.

Conventional drive concepts are utilized in the following series:

FTW DR Custom-built, up to 1,600mm face plate.
FTW SDR Tilting rotary tables, based on DR-modules with up to four b-axes.  
FTW TG The standard FTW-production line with up to 320 mm face plate.
FTW STG Tilting rotary table, based on TG-modules with up to four b-axes.
FTW TT NC - indexing table with Hirth serrations.
FTW MAS Multi-axis systems; turn-over, tilt, rotate, up to 11 axes - the high art of rotary table construction.