Rotating direct drives / Torque drives

FTW is a pioneer in the application of torque drives for rotary tables and systems. With the experience of several thousand delivered axes, we are a competent and solution-oriented partner in the machine tool industry.

Due to the absence of any mechanical transmission elements and coupling links, the drivetrain has almost no elasticity, no play, low friction and no hysteresis. The Torque drive offers:

  • High torque
  • High speed of up to 1,000 rpm
  • High acceleration values – compact interference contour, no disturbing frame elements.   
  • Practically wear-free, high operational safety and dependable long-lasting accuracy.   
  • Great capacity to cope with collisions and tangential forces.
  • Low machine downtimes.  

Because torque engines with external rotor motors offer an advantage in torque compared to internal rotor motors, FTW oftentimes uses external rotor motors in its constructions.

FTW offers you the advantages of torque engines in four series:

FTW DA Custom-built, up to 1,600mm face plate.
FTW SDA Tilting rotary tables, based on DA-modules with up to four b-axes.
FTW MAS Multi-axis systems; turn-over, tilt, rotate, up to 11 axes - the high art of rotary table construction.
FTW DATG Standard series with torque drive, up to 320mm face plate