Tilting Rotary Tables

Tilting rotary tables extend the machining options regarding 5-sided machining, 5-axes simultaneous machining and fast b-axes multi-process machining including milling, rotating and grinding. In this way, considerable savings regarding set-up and cycle times can be achieved. Furthermore, through machining in a single clamping setup, higher accuracy at the work piece can be achieved.

Tilting rotary tables place high demands on design, machining and assembly, if high levels of rigidity and accuracy are demanded. FTW realized a vast amount of tilting rotary tables for many different applications, using all drive concepts. The systems can be fitted on the table with plate clamping systems and rotary distributors for media transmission.

Tilting rotary tables are offered on the basis of four series:

SDA Customized solution with direct drive
SDR Customized solution with conventional drive
STG Standard-solution with conventional drive
STT Tilting rotary tables with hirth-serration.

Besides 'pure' solutions, basically any combination of different drives is possible, such as swive-axis with conventional drive or rotary-axis with torque drive.