Torque Drive

Highly dynamic drive concept for modern manufacturing

The use of torque drives for NC-rotary tables leads to new, innovative solutions in mechanical engineering, in the machine tool industry, handling technology and other areas.

A variety of benefits is delivered for the operator:

  • high speeds of up to 1000 rpm and more f.e. suitable for milling and turning operations in one work piece clamping
  • high acceleration values
  • mechanical drives become obsolete
  • NAdjustment of duplex screw drive not applicable
  • No backslash in reversing stand

NC-rotary tables with direct drive can be designed and supplied as one- or two-axes systems for your machines. It can be thought of a wide range of applications in positioning mode, in rotary-milling operation or in grinding applications. These tables can be endowed with a standard face plate or pallet clamping.