Customized Solutions

We develop customized solutions based on a building block system, consisting of standardized modules which have proven to work in practice. In this context we focus on rotary tables with face plates of up to 1,600mm and a work piece weight of up to five tons.

The ultimate goal is the satisfaction of your needs, resulting from the machining task or the required specifications for your machine tool. Our engineers understand your task and have the tools on hand needed for an optimal solution.

We develop solutions for basically all machining tasks like milling, turning, grinding, laser cutting and more. With torque technology, we realize engine speeds of up to 1,000 rpm and enable you to integrate several production processes in one machine. We developed outstanding clampings that firmly hold on to high torques. They are integrated in our torque-engines, enabling us to realize extremely compact tables.

Further information regarding our customized series are to be found here:

FTW DA With torque engine, up to 1,600mm face plate.
FTW SDA Tilting rotary tables, based on DA-modules with up to four b-axes.
FTW DR With conventional drive.
FTW SDR Rotational and Swivel units based on DA-modules.
FTW MAS Multi-axis systems; turn-over, tilt, rotate, up to 11 axes - the high art of rotary table construction.